Drinking Water Treatment:

Transforming carbon to enable outstanding performance

Tusaar has developed a relatively simple, economical and well proven modification process for carbons that lead to a transformational change in their ability to sequester metals from drinking water. The resulting product has been tested in varying formats, flows and applications. As a technology supplier, we have tested commercially available carbons, both coconut and coal based, and demonstrated the enhanced performance.

Lead contamination can occur due to older plumbing in the house (think Flint, MI) and mercury could occur naturally or because of industrial activity.

Displayed here are isotherms for lead and mercury, metals often associated with drinking water. While regular carbon is not very good at metal removal, once processed by Tusaar the results are outstanding. The carbon graphed as “Raw”, is “as” supplied by a customer & “Tusaar Modified” is the same carbon after it has undergone Tusaar proprietary treatment.  Test pH – 6.5

We have a large number of test results for different individual metals, multiple metal, formats and flow. Do get in touch and we would be happy to discuss. Additional testing can always be conducted at our laboratory in Broomfield, CO.

Our carbon can be used in any common format – granular, powdered or as a block.