Our Vision:

  • Address the critical materials supply chain issue facing the U.S., freeing our dependence on China
  • Develop an environmentally-friendly process for recovering REEs
  • Remediate environmental pollution
  • Seek opportunities that decarbonize key industrial processes (mining & mining byproducts)
  • Create high paying U.S. jobs

Our Mission

Develop and provide cutting-edge technology and process solutions to the REE extraction and purification industry, eliminating U.S. dependence on China for these critical materials.

Our Focus

Tusaar is focused on providing technology that enables large-scale Rare Earth Element (REE) recovery operations at existing U.S. mine sites. These mine wastes are often contaminated with radioactive materials and other unwanted materials. Tusaar not only recovers the REEs while sequestering radioactive contaminants, but also produces other valuable byproducts leading to the decarbonization of other major industries. For example, phosphate mining generates huge stacks of phosphogypsum that are currently unusable due to radioactive contamination. Tusaar’s process recovers the REEs while sequestering the radioactive materials yielding a decarbonized/decontaminated gypsum that can be used in cement and wallboard production.

In reaching our goal, Tusaar will support the ever-increasing demand for rare earth elements in products critical to our way of life. Chinese REE mining and separation processes are energy intensive, environmentally damaging, and a threat to human life.  By contrast, Tusaar is a low energy consumption process that is environmentally-friendly by turning waste mine products into REEs and other valuable byproducts. Tusaar’s process does not require new mines and eliminates the corresponding long lead times to establish a new mine while simultaneously addressing our critical materials dependence on China.

Tusaar has won numerous modest grants affirming the viability of our technology. Grant donors include the National Science FoundationU.S. Department of Energy, and DOD’s Defense Logistics Agency. We are hopeful of securing additional federal support such that Tusaar can take on China and become a leading domestic source for rare earth materials.